The Business Cost to Missing Leads

Missed OpsStars (or just want more)?

Grab some great insights from these soundbites featuring top sessions and speakers from the OpsStars 2020 conference. These have been condensed for your quick consumption (just 2-4 minutes per clip!) and are an amazing way to learn more about operations and integrate yourself into the OpsStars community.

Listen To The Soundbites Here

The Need for Speed: 8 Essential GTM Strategies for 2021 | Craig Rosenberg (TOPO)

What Can Moneyball Teach Us About Sales Planning? | Kenny Hsu (Anaplan)

Cracking the Measurement Code
| Kory Geyer (6sense)

Accessing Insight Across the Buyer Journey | Lauren Smith (Limelight Networks)

Tips & Tricks from Everyday Ops Heroes | Zachary Kunst (Square) & Kimberly Galitz (Bandwidth)

The Rise of Ops: Superhero of the Modern Revenue Engine | Lars Nilsson (Snowflake)

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