Lead-to-Account Matching: The Essential B2B Foundation



LeanData's Go-To-Market Products

Bi-Weekly, Every Other Wednesday at 10am PT

Wish you could easily roll up leads to the account level? Are leads being routed incorrectly causing lost revenue? Curious as to what LeanData looks like?

Join us bi-weekly for a LeanData product demo with live Q&A!

We will show you how LeanData's platform accurately unifies data and automates the distribution of leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities so your reps can generate revenue faster.

Peek under the hood and learn how to:

  • Match leads to accounts with an industry-best algorithm for a comprehensive account view
  • Easily route leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities to the right reps for revenue team efficiency
  • Strategically leverage account engagement data for a successful account-based motion
  • Utilize marketing attribution to optimize campaign spend and understand ROI

Can't wait? Request a demo now and we will schedule a personalized demo that works with your schedule!

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