Lead-to-Account Matching: The Essential B2B Foundation

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Join us on Wednesday February 24th at 10am PT, for a conversation with MO Pros.

Being a Marketing OpsStar, you’re far too aware of all the operational challenges that 2020 brought to the table. Now, you're ready to apply what you learned into your 2021 planning to set yourself, your team and your company up for success.

Join fellow Marketing Ops professionals as they discuss:

  • 2020 Challenges
  • 2021 Priorities and Predictions
  • Staying focused and flexible in a period of constant change
  • Making time to connect with other OpsStars and MO Pros

You'll leave this session armed with ideas and tips to set up a successful MOPs strategy for 2021.

Meet the Panel


Kimberly Galitz

Marketing Ops Manager & OpsStar of the Year


Stephen Stouffer

Senior Manager, Marketing Ops & MO Pros Chairperson

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Rob Walter

Marketing Ops Manager & MO Pros Ambassador


Molly Young

Marketing Ops Manager

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